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P.O. Box KS 3085 Kumasi-Ashanti

Performing Arts


The Department is one of the foremost departments since the establishment of the centre in 1951. The main aim of the department was to serve as a reporsitory of the folkleric or performing aspects of the Asante Culture. Going forward the department has developed to document performing aspects of the entire Ghanaian Culture as well as performing arts from neighbouring African Countries. The department currently operates with four sections.

  • The Dance Section
  • The Music
  • The Drama Section
  • The District Cultural offices

The Dance Section

Under this section, we have :

i. Amammereso Agofomma

ii. Palace Players

MusicĀ  Section

i. Amammereso Youth Choir

ii.Amammereso Choral Group

Drama Section

i. Anokye Players

ii. Kyeremateng Play House

District Cultural Offices

The department has district cultural officers in all the Metro, Municipal and Districts within the Ashanti Region. The department also undertake the following services.

  • Dance tutorials and Classes
  • Dance group engagements for funerals,weddings and other social events .
  • Tutorials on cloth weaving
  • Drama group engagements
  • Drumming lessons
  • Choral group engagements
  • Research activities